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Lunch Procedures


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade                  11:45 -12:30

3rd  – 5th Grade                                  12:15 – 1:00

Students may bring a lunch from home (no glass containers please) or request a school lunch.  Healthy snacks are encouraged.  Students may not share food at school.  This is for the safety of all students.  Food deliveries will not be accepted at school.  Parents bringing food for a group of students is not permitted.  Candy, sodas, and fast food lunches are strongly discouraged.


School lunches are currently being offered at no charge.  Students must indicate to their teachers that they wish to get a school lunch during morning attendance.


If your child forgets his/her lunch please bring the lunch to the front office. All lunches must be labeled with your child's name, grade level, and teacher's name.  Students can pick up their lunch at the front office when their classroom is dismissed for lunch.

Classrooms will not be disrupted to deliver lunches or other items.  Lunch counts are taken in the morning and are ordered based on this count.  Additional lunches are not available for order.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen lunches.

Any student who does not have a lunch should let the lunch supervisor know when they arrive in the cafeteria.  They will be offered a juice or milk and a fruit or veggie.


Parents may not eat lunch on campus with their students.  They may come to the office and check out their student for an off campus lunch.